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cordless impact wrench

  • These impact wrenches are powered by lithium ion batteries
  • available in various torque capacities
  • Their cordless nature makes them easy to carry and use anywhere without any dependence on source of power
  • Very useful in breakdown service
Brand: Yato Model: YT-82806
YATO Cordless brushless impact wrench YT-82806, Li-ion, 18V, 1x3.0 Ah, 700Nm, 1/2 "Cordless impact wrench with brushless motor. Torque up to 700 Nm with 3 levels of adjustment (400, 550 and 700 Nm) and LED indicator Precise speed control (potentiometer) 18 V system - Flexible battery system You can ..
Ex Tax:Rs18,500.00
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